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Tesla Model 3: Price, Incentives, Sale, Interior, Performance – Tesla Cars: Although the Tesla Model 3 is not at the top of the list of best Tesla models, but the thing that makes this model unique is its sell quantity and the product quality.

Tesla Model 3 is the best-selling electric car of all Tesla models. So far it has sold 814,000 units. With an almost ideal mix of performance, driving range, and accessible pricing, the Tesla Model 3 is the most powerful electric vehicle that lives up to the hype. Let’s get some deep information about this car.

Tesla Model 3 Price and Performance

Right now the Tesla Model 3 is available to purchase in three different varieties. Let’s look at it one by one.

1. Standard Plus Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus is the cheapest of all model 3 varieties, with starting price of $46,900. It offers a range (EPA) of 272 miles, a top speed of 140 mph, and a 0-60 time of 5.8 seconds. This model has a single rear-wheel-drive motor.

Standard Plus Model 3
Standard Plus Model 3 – Source: Tesla.Com

2. Long Range Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 Long Range offers a range of 334 miles, a top speed of 145-mph, and a 0-60 time of 4.2 seconds, with starting price of $49,990. This model comes with dual electric motors that offer four-wheel drive

Long Range Model 3
Long Range Model 3

3. Performance Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 Performance offers a range of 315 miles, a top speed of 162 -mph, and a 0-60 time of 3.1 seconds, with starting price of $56,990. This model also comes with dual electric motors that offer four-wheel drive

Tesla Model 3 Safety Features

Tesla Model 3 has many arrangements for passenger and driver safety such as airbags for the front driver/passenger, knee airbags for the driver/passenger,  torso for front passengers, and curtain airbags for rear/front.

Plus there are some active safety features that can help to reduce the severity or prevent accidents from occurring altogether. Other Safety Features

Battery Pack

The Model 3 battery pack is designed and installed to avoid accidents by reducing rollover risk and improving emergency avoidance handling. The battery’s position and weight also improve handling during precision driving

Impact Protection

Model 3’s side sill structure combines with its all-aluminum body to provide critical impact protection and strength. The model is engineered to absorb impact energy, cushion occupants, and protect the battery from damage in even the most severe collisions. The unique shield-like design provides additional safety for both occupants and the battery against any type of collision.

Structural Integrity

The structural integrity of the battery compartment and rigid body helps to prevent cabin intrusion during impact. For example, if your car is hit from the side, an accident that can lead to bruising or injury, this safety feature helps keep you safe by blocking intrusion into the cabin.

The strong cabin ensures you can enjoy your drive without worrying about the elements. With its fortified cabin intrusion protection, you get peace of mind knowing that everything is secure.

Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3 – Source: Tesla.com

Crumple Zones

In an accident, the crumple zone absorbs impact energy by compressing and deforming. If you’re in a frontal collision, the crumple zone protects you by absorbing most of the crash energy, significantly reducing your chance of injury.

Advanced Airbags

Advanced Airbags are designed to help protect passengers better by utilizing the space in the vehicle in a more efficient way. In the event of a crash or other impact, Advanced Airbags inflate on both sides of your head while leaving room for your legs to move so you can escape in case of an emergency.

The Advanced Front Airbags deploy with exceptional speed and force, making it difficult to injure your passengers in a collision by limiting cabin intrusion. The Advanced Side Airbags also protect both the chest and head.

Automatic Emergency Braking

With the Automatic Emergency Braking System, the car can detect vehicles, pedestrians, or objects in front of you and apply the brakes to mitigate the impact. You need never worry about being involved in a collision.

Forward Collision Warning

The Forward Collision Warning alerts you of impending collisions with vehicles or obstacles, encouraging you to take evasive action. Visual and audible warnings will alert the driver to a situation ahead and allow time to take preventive action.

Blind Spot Collision Warning

It’s hard to read a map while you’re driving. That’s why Tesla built the Blind Spot Collision Warning, which detects and warns when there are vehicles or obstacles in your blind spot. It means you can keep your hands on the wheel, safely in control of your car and focused on driving.

Lane Departure Avoidance

Lane Departure Avoidance alerts you when you start to stray from the lane, even before you realize. If the vehicle senses a potential collision or unintended lane departure is detected, it applies corrective steering inputs to help correct the situation.

In addition, Lane Keeping Assist gives more assistance in highway driving situations where there might be crosswinds or heavy traffic.

Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3 – Source: Tesla.Com

Model 3 Interior Review

1. Dashboard

The Model 3 has a minimalist dashboard with only a center-mounted LCD touchscreen. Tesla said the Model 3 is equipped with full self-driving hardware to be optionally enabled at a future date.

There are no traditional appliance binnacles, large air vents, or central control stacks. The Model 3 features a simple, horizontal bar of wood and leather trim, broken up only by the steering wheel and touchscreen.

Hot or cold air is released from a single slot with the dashboard, with direction and force controlled by the touchscreen.

2. Standard Interior package

Tesla Model 3 standard interior package includes – Standard Maps and Navigation, Music and Media over Bluetooth, Heated Front Seats, Heated Side Mirrors, 4 USB Ports, Power Folding, Glass Roof with Ultraviolet and Infrared Protection, Custom Driver Profiles, Auto-Dimming, and Center Console with Storage.

Tesla Model 3 Interior Design
Tesla Model 3 Interior Design – Source – Tesla.Com

3. Partial Premium Interior package

Tesla Model 3 partial premium interior package includes – Docking for 2 Smartphones, Upgradeable Software Locked Interior, Upgraded Audio – Immersive Sound, and Power Adjustable Heated Front Seats (12-Way).

4. Premium Interior package

Tesla Model 3 premium interior package includes – Internet Browser, Premium Audio(14 Speakers), Live Satellite-View Maps, Live Navigation & Traffic Visualization, Streaming Music & Media, LED Fog Lamps, 2 AMPs,

5. Driver assistance

In driver assistance Tesla Model 3 includes – Full Self Driving Car with Summon, Autopark, Autopilot, etc, All Sensor Hardware, and Optional Full Self Driving capabilities.

Model 3 Exterior Review

Some of the exterior features of the Tesla Model 3 include vertically opening, driver-side-hinged falcon-wing doors, an optional all-glass panoramic roof, and a one-piece liftgate.

Some optional extras include a carbon fiber spoiler and different wheel styles, including 20-inch multi-spoke wheels in silver or graphite, as well as 21-inch wheels in silver or grey with either Michelin Pilot Sport 4S summer tires or Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3 winter tires to choose from.

Model 3 Exterior Review
Model 3 Exterior Review – Source: Tesla.Com

Tesla Model 3 Incentives

The Tesla Model 3 is an organic-electric vehicle (EV) with a range of up to 310 miles that is produced by the American car manufacturer Tesla, Inc. The Model 3 was unveiled in March 2016 and entered production in July 2017. It has been one of the best selling EVs since 2018.

Due to its popularity, there are many different incentives available to buyers who want to purchase a Tesla Model 3. This includes some federal, state, and local tax incentives as well as other financial incentives like rebates and financing deals.

The federal tax credit for the Tesla Model 3 is $7,500. This amount can be claimed in full until the end of 2020, at which point its value will begin to drop by 50% per year until it’s phased out completely.

Tesla Model 3 Colors Variants

The Tesla Model 3 comes in a glossy black paint job, known as midnight silver metallic, which gives it a nice accent but doesn’t overwhelm. It also has three other colors—red, white and blue.

Most people go with red because it’s flashy, daring, and pretty sexy. If you choose white or blue, however, you should know that it may show up dirt easily if you aren’t extremely careful about where you park. I personally prefer a matte black model 3 over any of these others. I think it looks sleek and understated, and I really like how it contrasts with the wheels.

Tesla Model 3 Colors Variants
Tesla Model 3 Colors Variants


There are some other varieties available for Tesla Model 3 based on years.

2021 Model:- This model has a range of 263 miles, performance models can go up to 315 miles, and long-range cars see a huge bump up to 353 miles.

2020 Model:- This model had a range of 250 miles and topped out at 322 miles, while performance-trimmed cars were able to go up to 299 miles on a single charge.

2019 Model:- This model has a range of 200 miles.

FAQ – Tesla Model 3

How much will a Tesla Model 3 Standard cost?

Starting with Price of $46,900

How much will a Tesla Model 3 Long Range cost?

Starting with Price of $49,990

How much will a Tesla Model 3 Performance cost?

Starting with Price of $56,990

Can I change color of Tesla after order?

Yes, you can.

What colors do the Tesla Model 3 come in?

Is Tesla Model 3 a luxury car?

Yes, it is.

Does Model 3 have autopilot?


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